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Know more about this plant and how to care for it, in this story. Billbergia nutans, also known as 'Queen's-Tears' is an epiphytic bromeliad, native to the regions of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. An easy growing bromeliad, Billbergia amoena comes from the brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. It doesn´t requires any specific conditions to grow, besides average to high temperatures. It goes well in full sun or partial to full shade, in organic to sandy soils, even in coconut fiber substracts, as long as you keep it warm and have the central rosette full of water. Billbergia Fantasia is a hybrid bromeliad that. features multi-colored foot-long leaves.

Billbergia bromeliad

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Billbergia 'Fantasia' was produced by M. B. Foster from a cross between Billbergia pyramidalis and Billbergia saundersii. This gorgeous rossette is a lively and colourful exhibition, playing with the shades of green, and shows off a pretty pink floral spring in the centre of the plant. The Bromeliad is a perfect combination of foliage and floral exhibition that looks only too fitting to liven up your indoor life! Billbergia 'Hallelujah' is a spectacularly coloured epiphytic bromeliad with brown to burgundy leaves heavily spotted with pink to cream.

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register The BSI mourns and honours Don Beadle, former BSI Cultivar Registrar who passed away on 31st. October, 2018. Don Beadle published in 1991 & 1998 the monumental second and third BSI Bromeliad Cultivar Registers. This website is a continuation of his work.


Billbergia bromeliad

Darth Vader is a highly sought cross, it’s almost black background silver banding and very attractive blotches make a very stunning plant. It has tubular habit that can grow up to half a meter and has a green spike with a purple flowers Billbergia Bromeliad Species, Friendship Plant, Queen's-Tears Ten days into the new year, I discovered my pot of Billbergia nutans sending out a 5-6" flower  Billbergia 'Hallelujah' is a spectacularly coloured epiphytic bromeliad with brown to burgundy leaves heavily spotted with pink to cream. The flower spike has  Billbergia manarae tends to bloom en masse, so as the plants multiply, or you add to the collection, their flowering display gets more spectacular every year! Poquito Mas Bromeliad Plant (bromelia billbergia). Shade loving due to the apparent lack of abundant chlorophyll production is witnessed in the extremely  Billbergia pyramidalis, commonly known as the flaming torch and foolproof plant, is a species of bromeliad that is native to northern South America and parts of  Bilbergia – Basic Care and Growing Conditions. Like many bromeliads Billbergia require very little attention once established, they are naturally epiphytic but can  Most bromeliads are epiphytes in their native habitat.

Image. Den tillhör Bromeliad-familjen. Utan vissa färdigheter att växa är en sådan växt tidskrävande och svår. Det måste placeras på varma ställen,  Bromeliads växtfamilj härstammar från tropikerna i Nord- och Sydamerika, Afrika.
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Billbergia bromeliad

viridis ) Albertii. cv distachia x nutans. Beaut Ruby. amoena rubra.

Denna familj inkluderar vriezia - den vackraste bilbergia, Sanders bilbergia. Bilbergia hängande (Billbergia nutans)  toowoombabromsociety.
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The leaves stand straight up creating a tube shaped rosette. The inflorescence is erect with pink bracts a bluish flowers. Billbergia … The Billbergia genus can usually be identified by the shape of the rosette, which is typically tubular and narowlly funnel or vase-shaped. The foliage is often spotted or banded with complex patterns or bright colors.

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