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There are now 211 substances identified as SVHC. The REACH. Authorization list (Annex XVII) was updated on  To notify ECHA if an article contains an SVHC in excess of 0.1% by weight To cease shipment of articles containing EU REACH Annex XVII substances when. services provider for reach svhc and reach restricted substances list (annex xvii ).

Svhc annex xvii

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Currently there are 70 valid entries on REACH Annex XVII (updated on 19 Nov 2019).Each entry shows the substance or group of substances or the mixture, and the consequent restrictions conditions. Please note that entry 33, 39 and 42 have been deleted due to REACH updates and they are no longer valid. Currently, REACH Annex XVII includes 70 entries (Download the latest Restricted Substances List). Typical hazardous substances that are restricted in products include lead, Azodyes, DMF, PAHs, Phthalates, PFOS, nickel release and so on. If a substance is listed in Annex XVII, the substance is fully restricted under the conditions of the specific entry. SVHC evaluation You are not sure whether any of your products contain SVHC or Restricted Substances above allowed concentrations and quantities? Simply because a substance meets one or more of the criteria does not necessarily mean that it will be proposed as an SVHC.

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Suppliers should ensure the presence of the restricted substances shall not exceed the threshold limits specified in the RSL. >>Some restricted substances are on the SVHC candidate list. 2020-11-17 · Requires notification to ECHA when SVHC over threshold and imported over 1 ton annually and use not already registered. Note: Substances on Annex XIV are included on the SVHC list.


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The Annex XVII of REACH regulation contains the list of restrictions of certain hazardous substances, mixtures and articles for their marketing and use on the European market. REACH testing identifies restricted substances in products retailed, manufactured, imported or distributed within the European Union. Eurofins | BLC offer Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) testing, Annex XVII testing, as well as Smart Testing packages for the most cost-effective and targeted approach to REACH testing. REACH SVHC Risk vs.

The European Chemicals Agency released the latest candidate list of SVHC on June Intel's products contain any substances subject to Annex XVII restrictions. 27 Mar 2020 As of January 16, 2020, there were 205 substances on the SVHC Further, the use of substances listed in Annex XVII of the REACH  The use of many C8 perfluorinated compounds is already regulated as SVHC substances, under Annex XVII of REACH as well as Annex I of POP. Regulation. 19 Jan 2021 import more than one metric ton of any of the 211 SVHC into the Communication with respect to ANNEX 17: Annex XVII sets out a list of.
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Svhc annex xvii

2020-11-17 · Requires notification to ECHA when SVHC over threshold and imported over 1 ton annually and use not already registered.

Nationella föreskrifter:. (SVHC). Ämnen i produkten ingår inte i REACH Restricted Substances List (RSL, EU REACH Annex XVII) eller REACH.
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17 gram. Ursprungsland Miljöcertifikat. BSCI, REACH SVHC, Annex XVII Cadmium, Lead and Phthalates and PFOA.

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XVII, förordning (EG) 1907/2006: Ej tillämplig. Annex XIV - Authorisation List: Namn enligt EG. CAS-nr. Ej tillämplig. SVHC - Substances of very high concern  SVHC: Ämnen som inger mycket stora betänkligheter för godkännande: EU-REACH (1907/2006) - Annex XVII Användningsbegränsningar. 0,17 mg/l (21 days, Daphnia magna).