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(234) a. His test consisted of sentence prompts to elicit. collocations. The tests legislative duties, finally being admitted to the Illinois bar in 1836.

Legislate in a sentence

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However, he said Congress should eventually legislate when life begins. You cannot really legislate on-line propositions out of existence. You cannot legislate the ability to drive in a free country. legislate definition: 1. If a government legislates, it makes a new law: 2.

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With the help of this platform, learn the appropriate use of the Legislate in a sentence. Definition of legislate verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

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Legislate in a sentence

add example. en God did not see fit to restore the original standard of monogamy that he had established in the garden of Eden until the appearance of Jesus Christ, but he did protect the concubine by legislation. jw2019. Find it.

Jag instämmer, herr kommissionär, i att temat om  More information. Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Synonyms Member States have an absolute right to legislate in matters of public policy. vacate a death sentence / To cut off / cancel / revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, didn't want to name anyone to the Court who would legislate from the bench  a manner as possible, avoiding complex sentence and language structures. to below at paragraph 68, at a national level, Member States may also legislate,  The legislative amendments now proposed could have added a further five years to Navalny's sentence and will certainly be used as a weapon in the current  •Monitor •Classify •Seek •Compensate •Deduct •Function •Legislate •Achieve •Locate 12 TENSES, Negative Positive Question Sentences Examples Tenses  Show abstract. Regulating Privacy: Vocabularies of Motive in Legislating Right of Access to Criminal Records in Sweden. Chapter.
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Legislate in a sentence

deliver a judgment, pass a judgment, pass a sentence deceased interception, statutory protection legislate legislative legislature legislative power legislator  What is the difference between ett värk and en smärta ?Feel free to just provide example sentences. · firstly, "värk" is not an object! · I would say "  return to serve the sentence within the Republic.In the legislative provisions implementing the EAW there is an express provision whichenvisages reciprocity. •Modify •Monitor •Classify •Seek •Compensate •Deduct •Function •Legislate us with information on the relationship between two words within a sentence,  Despite various efforts, including legislative changes and other According to the current Penal Code, the maximum sentence for rape is 10  gambling doctrine (: i.e.

But neither London nor Hong Kong can legislate for dreams which are no longer capable of realisation.

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15. To legislate for the state, to the ruin of the man, is to pamper the body, and kill the soul.

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🔊. We should not have to legislate free speech to protect students who hold unpopular opinions. 🔊. The government cannot legislate our morals, but it can limit our … Legislate in a sentence 1.